What better way to celebrate Land Rover's 70th birthday than to take part in a world record breaking attempt?


For those interested in participating and being recognised by the world's authority on record-breaking achievements, it will cost £5, but that does include your own unique sticker with the number of your entry. You will still need to pay for a ticket to the show itself, as all adult participants must be wearing show wristbands.

So far, just two records of a similar ilk have been set by the Guinness World Records, including the Largest Parade of Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles, which featured 516 vehicles and was achieved by LandMania Clube de Portugal in Gouveia, Portugal, on 7 September, 2014, and the Largest Convoy of Off Road Vehicles, which consisted of 449 vehicles and was organised by Lancelin District Community Association in Australia, on 15 October, 2016.

Land Rover turns 70 in 2018 and we wanted to do something really special to celebrate this milestone. What could be better than setting a world record in your Land Rover off-road?
— Sarah Arrowsmith, show organiser

Be a part of something amazing and celebrate Land Rover’s birthday in style.