What better way to celebrate Land Rover's 70th birthday than to take part in a world record breaking attempt? The largest parade of Land Rover vehicles. Saturday 30th June, from 4pm.


Lancaster Insurance is thrilled to announce that, along with Land Rover Monthly magazine, it is supporting the Billing Off Road Show 2018 in its bid to set a new WORLD RECORD title for the ‘Largest parade of Land Rover/Range Rovers’. Taking place on Saturday 30th June at 5pm, registration from 1pm onwards. All Land Rover, Range Rover, Discovery and Freelander owners and lovers are being encouraged to get involved in attempting to make history!  For those interested in participating and being recognised by the world's authority on record-breaking achievements, it will cost £5, but that does include your own plaque to fix to your front grille as a memento. You will still need to pay for either a camping or day ticket to the show itself, as all adult participants must be wearing show wristbands.

Registration for the World Record attempt will take place from 1pm onwards in the Registration Area, this will be sign posted. You can register your vehicle, lock it up and walk back to the Showground or around the Off Road Course. All participants must be back in their vehicles by 4.30pm at the latest.

The record to beat featured 632 vehicles and was achieved in Germany in May 2018

Rules of the Parade

  • All vehicles must never be more than 2 vehicle lengths from the one in front
  • The parade exceeds 2 miles
  • You must follow the vehicle in front, no overtaking
  • No stopping for toilet breaks, swapping drivers or any other reason, once you have gone through the start.
  • Land Rovers of any age and type are welcome, all vehicles must have a Land Rover badge
  • The course will be tracks and grass, suitable for all vehicles
  • Every participant will be photographed as they go through the start and the finish and also by a drone throughout the parade


  • Please make sure you have plenty of fuel
  • Be sure to have a stock of water and soft drinks in your vehicle, in case of hot weather
  • There is a toilet in the registration area to be used before you start if necessary.
  • The parade will take approx. 40 minutes
  • There will be a drone photographing throughout the parade checking that you are no more than two vehicle lengths from the one in front
  • In the case of a breakdown, pull over to the side to allow the vehicles behind to continue and 'fill' your space as soon as possible
  • Please do not stop at the end until you reach the demonstration area, if one vehicle stops it will bring the whole parade to a stand still
Land Rover turns 70 in 2018 and we wanted to do something really special to celebrate this milestone. What could be better than setting a World Record in your own Land Rover for the ‘Largest Parade of Land Rovers’?
— Sarah Arrowsmith, show organiser

Be a part of something amazing and celebrate Land Rover’s birthday in style. 


The 'Largest Parade of Land Rovers' world record breaking attempt is in association with Lancaster Insurance, specialists in classic car insurance for over 30 years, and Land Rover Monthly magazine.